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Future Wealthy Minorities

Mission & Vision

Future Wealthy Minorities is committed to elevating students academically and professionally as we help high school students and graduates in pursuing their career dreams and fulfilling their potential. We deliver underrepresented and talented youth guidance and a path from high school to college and then mentorship throughout their careers to close the opportunity and wealth gaps. We mentor low-income communities to navigate the college-to-career transition through processes such as personality development, financial aid, resources, and career awareness including military and trade schools. We are incredibly excited to propel students of low-income and minority communities into higher education and the military. We will empower financially constrained college-bound, high school students by providing professional development, mentorship, and financial assistance to aid with their application process and transition into the professional world.

Extended Learning From
Mentors Who Succeeded In Their Careers

We aim to shatter systematic barriers and transform the focus towards skills and career counseling to create opportunities for minority talent through a support system that lasts a lifetime. We truly understand that changing the system is a marathon but not a sprint, that is why our mentors who are successful professionals are devoted to leveling the playing field by guiding students through preparing for college and enlightening them on the benefits of the military along with assistance in applying to trade school.

Our Founder's Story

A native of Compton, California, founder Tatiana Jackson has always been a community activist. A true renaissance woman, Tatiana made sure to be an active participant within her school’s culture; she was class president, co-editor-in-chief for The Trailblazer, a member of the varsity cheerleading team, a pole vaulter, active within the Black Student Union, and the list goes on. The one commonality shared within every role is that she took on leadership positions that would better the experience of other people. In 2018, she beat the odds and became a first generation college student, receiving numerous scholarships that allowed her to afford the opportunity to attend an institution of higher education. 

In 2022, Ms. Jackson started her graduate program to receive her Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation while simultaneously completing the Reserve Officer Training Corps to commission as a United States Army Officer to ensure that she would be be adequately prepared for the work and dedication that a non-profit entails. Tatiana will complete both programs in May 2024. Prior, in 2023, Tatiana single handedly founded Future Wealthy Minorities, Incorporated - an officially recognized 501(c) company by the IRS and in the state of California. A reflection of who she is would be her belief in the words of Napoleon Hill, “If you have not consciously made the decision to be rich, excellent, and healthy then you have unconsciously made the decision to be poor mediocre and unhealthy”. Future Wealthy Minorities was created so that people can make informed decisions that will help them make a difference in the world. These future leaders can start breaking those generational curses that society has historically designed to keep us down.

In 2021, her hard work, dedication and sacrifice, propelled her through and she graduated from the California State University, Northridge receiving her Bachelor of Arts in psychology and child development in just three years while remaining debt free. Prior to graduating, in June 2020, she knew that she wanted to be able to serve something bigger than herself so she enlisted in the California Army National Guard as a Human Resource Specialist. After taking a year off to travel and explore post-graduation, she kept finding similar problems amongst friends, family, colleagues and associates - an overall ignorance regarding real college affordability, military incentives, and positive career choices available to them. Tatiana noticed a lack of resources within the community which did not allow people to be informed regarding a potential pathway that would fit them best. Soon thereafter, she began to conceptualize the creation of a nonprofit organization that would be able to help minority students in low income areas, aiding them in receiving additional resources at no cost.

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