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Our Team

We are looking for compassionate and dedicated individuals to join our team as well as Mentors. As a mentor, you will play a crucial role in guiding and supporting high school students from underrepresented communities in achieving their academic and personal goals. You will provide one-on-one mentorship, offer academic and career advice, and help students navigate the challenges they may face in their academic journey. If you are passionate about empowering young minds or have experience in mentoring or education, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity at Future Wealthy Minorities.

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Our mentors can be anyone who wants to better the youth. They can range from 18-100 years of age and careers are anything from entrepreneur, military, mechanics, esthetician, doctors and etc.


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We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern to provide creative ideas to help achieve our goals. You will have administrative duties in developing and implementing marketing strategies. As a marketing intern, you will collaborate with our team in all stages of marketing campaigns. Your insightful contribution will help develop, expand and maintain our marketing channels. This internship will help you acquire marketing skills and provide you with knowledge of various marketing strategies. Ultimately, you will gain broad experience in marketing and should be prepared to enter any fast paced work environment.

Marketing Intern

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Finance Intern

Finance intern supports the organization while learning about a career in finance. Finance interns gain practical experience in the constantly-growing field of finance. Regular duties and responsibilities for finance interns include generating and analyzing reports, taking notes during meetings, preparing statements, entering data, and assisting with audits. A finance intern might also complete administrative work while observing different aspects of accounting, portfolio management, financial reporting, or banking.

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Graphics Intern

Graphic design interns are responsible for assisting in the design of digital marketing materials, including print and digital advertising. The intern will be working on various projects with an emphasis on photography, graphic design as well as web development. This internship is designed to help students learn how to use their creative skills while developing new ideas that will enhance brand awareness and increase the likeness of the organization.

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Program Lead Intern

We are looking for a dynamic, energetic intern who is eager to learn about our company by assisting various departments. You will be working closely with our team to conduct research, capture data, and attend meetings where you will be asked to take minutes. To be successful as an Intern, you should be willing to help with any tasks assigned by a supervisor. You will be involved in upcoming projects as well as assisting with current campaigns.

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