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Kaila Moore-Jones

Hello, my name is Kaila Moore-Jones and I am the Treasurer of the board for Future Wealthy Minorities. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and look forward to connecting with our communities on a deeper level and engaging with our youth. 

Kaila Moore - Jones  |  Treasurer

About Kaila

Kaila is a Southern California native and grew up in the South Central area. She has worked with community outreach programs since she was young volunteering primarily with her family’s church. She graduated from California State University Northridge with a B.A. in Africana Studies and a minor in Political Science. During her undergraduate career, she held many leadership positions and worked closely alongside campus administrators to provide life-affirming resources and tackle the issue of increasing retention rates for students of color. She is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, where she has led many outreach projects which gave her necessary experience working in the non-profit sector. Kaila Moore-Jones works as the Development Coordinator for Hollywood Food Coalition and is passionate about uplifting the community she is from. 

We are looking for compassionate and dedicated individuals to join our team as well as Mentors. As a mentor, you will play a crucial role in guiding and supporting high school students from underrepresented communities in achieving their academic and personal goals. You will provide one-on-one mentorship, offer academic and career advice, and help students navigate the challenges they may face in their academic journey. If you are passionate about empowering young minds or have experience in mentoring or education, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity at Future Wealthy Minorities.

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My Background

Kaila-Moore Jones

South Central Los Angeles


2019 - 2020

NASPA Certified Peer Mentor

2019 - 2022

College Peer Mentor


2017 - 2018

Carson High school

2018 - 2022

California State University Northridge

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